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R.A.The Rugged Man x Urban Kingdom

INTERVIEW BY TOM EVANS ILLUSTRATION BY SAMUEL DHOOGE "You could shock them with knowledge, you could shock them with comedy, but just don't make it be shock for the sake of shocking people." R.A. The Rugged Man, June 2020 Staff Sgt. John A. Thornburn returned to the USA as a veteran from the Vietnam war where he was affected by Agent Orange, the chemical warfare used by the American military. While back in New York he started his life over and had a child who would grow up to be a famed rap artist named R.A. The Rugged Man. R.A.......

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Immortal Technique x Urban Kingdom

INTERVIEW BY TOM EVANS ILLUSTRATION BY GABI MARRIOTT-WILKINSON "I spent time in the hole. I spent time in solitary confinement and this isn't that." Immortal Technique, May 2020 Born in a military hospital in Lima, the capital city of Peru, Felipe Andre Coronel, alongside his family, would emigrate to Harlem, New York City in order to escape the Peruvian Civil War. During his teenage years, Felipe would be arrested multiple times and shortly after enrolling at Pennsylvania State University he was incarcerated for a year. Felipe honed his rap skills in prison, and when released, unable to find a job,......

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