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Founded in 2011 by two young music video directors who at the age of 23 had independently produced music videos to millions of viewers without a penny spent on marketing, Urban Kingdom was built as the first uncensored and site exclusive video platform within the British music industry, giving artists the freedom to speak on serious subjects that the dying mainstream music industry was losing touch of.

As the first movement to recognise visual artists on the same platform as musical artists, Urban Kingdom has empowered a new generation of artists to take the camera places it has never been seen before revealing a new youthful democracy where picking up a camera is as obvious a route of expression as picking up a guitar is.

From our beginnings in the kitchen of a former crack house in the most northern city of England, rebelling against the typical Southern led media, to creating global collaborations with artists from over 20 countries and producing with musicians who have sold over 100 million records, Urban Kingdom is the first video platform in the world to show that no matter where you come from in life, you can voice your truth and change the world in the process. 

All images viewed on are are used with permission or with licence to Urban Kingdom. Urban Kingdom is a registered trademark.