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Day Two

Generation W presents: 
Day II

2020 is unlike any other year in the 21st century. Due to a virus that has appeared all around the world, the public have been instructed to stay home so they don’t spread the virus. For artists this means that they cannot work in public, but for millions of public servants they are risking their lives. With the virus spreading intensely in the hospitals, Doctors and Nurses are heroes throughout 2020.
Generation Worldwide Day 2 opens with HAN HAN, a nurse and rap artist from Philippines / Canada, answering the questions in the Generation W book, as well as premiering her new music video ‘Visaya’, with KONQISTADOR, whose member Elizabeth Graham also answers questions from the book. Following this performance is a special performance from LIONESS in Nambia who is also a doctor / musical artist.
VERGINE from Italy and ADEE from Sweden both perform emotionally driven intimate performances before Bahamas born artist CHELSEA BLUES, whose record ‘Crown’ is featured on the Generation W book advert, performs very relaxed from her home in London.
Heading to America for the evening, CHRXSTAL SARAH in Los Angeles and INDIRA IMANI in Washington D.C. perform the new sounds of youthful RnB music, while day three ends with LEAH CAPELLE and her guitar recording television style quality from a film studio in Los Angeles.


Generation Worldwide is brought to you exclusively by Generation W, a book featuring 100 inspiring women giving uncensored advice on how to succeed and overcome difficulties, while reflecting on living through 100 years since women began to receive the vote in the UK. 

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