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Many legends of Native American’s depict a Mother Earth, with tribes believing they originated from a woman. In modern times, Native Americans make up just 11% of New Mexico’s population but account for nearly a quarter of trafficking victims. More than 10 women are killed each day in Mexico; in 2019, more than 1000 women were killed there.
ALIANNA, a Florida, USA based artist of Puerto Rican and Native America descent, opens Generation Worldwide Day 3 with a stylish performance before we head to New York City and AUDRY FUNK, of Mexican heritage, performing another high energy performance in her native tongue. HEDA then follows, a Spanish rapper performing in Valencia, Spain in the middle of derelict graffiti, in a country where earlier on in the year people were not even allowed to leave the house to exercise for months at a time.
FIONA HARTE, a young singer songwriter from County Tyrone, Northern Ireland then performs an acoustic set with the green grass in the background, and then SKUX, a punk musician from New Zealand, living in USA, answers the ten questions asked in the ‘Generation W’ book. New Zealand were the first country in the world where women were given the vote, on 19th September 1893.
Following on from the confidence of the punk lifestyle, we bring the weekend in with a grunge performance in the bedroom of NEIA JANE, in Boston, USA, and then an indie, electronic extended set from HOCKEYSMITH in Cornwall, England, and then Generation Worldwide fully brings in the weekend with GIRLI, one of the leading young voices of punk in London, having to trade her postponed UK tour for an isolated performance in her bedroom.


Generation Worldwide is brought to you exclusively by Generation W, a book featuring 100 inspiring women giving uncensored advice on how to succeed and overcome difficulties, while reflecting on living through 100 years since women began to receive the vote in the UK. 

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