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Alessandra Chillemi


PROFESSION: Breakdancer
NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS: Beginning dancing at 6 years old, at the age of 8, Alessandra went to her first international battle. ‘IBE’ in Holland. Alessandra has victories at Redbull BcOne Italy Cypher, ‘Queen16’ and ‘IDO World championships’ in Germany, ‘Porto World Battle’ in Porto and ‘BboyEurope’ in France.
GENERATION W PEER: 35. Roxy (B-Girl)
PERSONAL QUOTE IN REFERENCE TO A QUESTION IN GENERATION W “I think my biggest challenge in breaking was going to Redbull BcOne Italy Cypher 2019. I had 2 big injuries before (on my wrist and on my shoulder) but I wanted to participate in the first ever Red Bull BcOne Italy Cypher for Bgirls (Female category).
After a total stop of 7 months I came back on the floor. I had just 1 month to get ready and It’s was really difficult because my body wasn’t in shape. I couldn’t put my hand on the floor but I wanted it. I also asked doctors and physiotherapists for help and I worked hard for it. It became a challenge with myself and not just a normal battle
I remember that before the final I cried because of the pain but in at the same time I was super happy to be there and I had a lot of fun. I couldn’t believe I was dancing again in a super event. and despite the pain, I also won. If you really want something you can do it, not excuses.
My biggest challenge in life (outside of breaking) was 2 years ago when I moved alone to Milan and I started a new life there. It’s always difficult to combine practice, studies, travel, works etc. but the key word for me is ORGANISATION. If you organise your time well you can do more things than you can imagine during a day,”
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